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Roots Reggae

Wednesdays 10-12PM (UK)

My name is Michael Seville aka DJ Mikey. I co founded a sound system in Reading around 30 years ago. From the original crew Hector and I still continue to spread our love of music under the Family Connection brand. With a rebuilt sound system and a successful format which continues to get us bookings, we are one of the favourites for family’s to book in Reading for their special occasions, be that party’s, christenings and sadly way too many funerals. My home was always full of love and music, this became a part of who I am. I myself played my first party at 14 for my still good friend Denise Campbell, equipment borrowed from George Yearwood of Studio Magic fame. I met Hector when he got together with my sister who he later married and they are still going strong. Hence the name Family Connection. Now my son Sam and daughter Gemma join us on the road. My radio shows on RG2 are all about sharing my love of music with the listeners. I have one rule, I only play music what I like, I don’t follow charts or fashion! Reggae music with a roots flavour. Although I have been known to play soul, R&B, gospel and other genres on occasion. To finish off, if you ask me to choose 5 records which have always touched my heart, the list would look like this, and tells you everything you need to know about me.
Dennis Brown - If this world were mine
Michael Jackson - Heaven Can Wait
Stevie Wonder - As
Rolling Stones - Wild Horses
Controllers - Stay
No more needs to be said.

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