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Mixed Blessings

Sundays 4-6PM (UK)

Sir Sambo sound was formed in 1993 as a juggling entertaining sound and the name Sir Sambo stands for my names Samuel Bowers. I'm an original Oxford based sound and have been playing blues parties, dancehall etc.


Father King Lloyd (ME) is the owner of the sound alongside my son Romme and my close friend Mr Elvis. The first dub plate I got was in 1994 and I'm still cutting dub plates today but not as much I used to. (Danein walk - drifter & Anthony John –


Sir Sambo sound toured in 2004 to Jamaica and it was a wicked experience and I met a lot artists that year. l am proud that I won 4 trophies in a sound clash. The first trophy I won was in Oxford in 2006 at revival clash. Then the second clash was in London with 4 London sounds against me and DJ Romee. The third clash was in Dudley with myself and Mr Elvis and DJ Rommee with 3 London sounds and 1 Wolverhampton sounds and it was easy. The last one was in London and is called the Waring Sunday and "mi tek dat one Der"



I just want you to know that I was the first sound in Oxford to break the dancehall scene from blues to dancehall and I'm very proud of that.


Sir Sambo sound is still very much active today and is still doing shows however I'm passing down the dub scene to my son (DJRomee).

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