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mc naphtali

RG2 founder & CEO 

Plays Reggae, Roots, Soul + more Mon to Fri

The station was first created by myself Charles Carrington, Reuben Irie, Rudie Rich, and DJ Ninjaman who all brought their combined years of experience to the station as it was always a dream of mine for Reading to have a community radio station as they do in London and around the world.


As it was not possible to have a ‘pirate’ radio station in Reading, I brought some London radio DJ’s to Reading to set up a radio station which only lasted for less than a year. Soon after this ended, I went to London to work with another ‘Pirate’ station known as ‘Sky Radio’ based in Shepherds Bush in west London.


My slot was on a Sunday night for four years which gave me the training and understanding of radio such as how to play, present and construct shows. I also worked on the graveyard shift because it allowed me to play the music I liked and not necessarily what was popular and to build an audience.


After Sky FM, he went to St. Vincent in 1996 and worked on a legal Station called Hot 100 FM. Whilst there I learned that there was a major difference between how music was played un the Caribbean compared to how it was played in England – in the Caribbean the music was much faster by the beat whereas the British played it on a slightly slower tempo.


After playing on Hot 100 FM, it made me even more determined to realise my dream of having a radio station in Reading.

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