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Old Gold Show Sundays 12-2pm (UK)

Lady Banton formed her first sound system, 80's Ladies, with three other females in 1985.  She has played in the carnival as an all-female sound system for many years and has played on the same site affectionately known as Jamaica Corner for nearly 30 years. She is a sound system operator and plays reggae and soul music.


Her legacy has been to empower younger women who have an interest in sound system culture to play on her sound system set at the carnival. Lady Banton hosted the first appearance of the youngest female DJ, 13, to ever play at  Carnival. Her name is MS MLA. Her legacy is to ensure that younger women will have an opportunity will have a space to play music at the carnival and on a real authentic sound system.


In 2024 Lady Banton published her first journal on 'Women in the Dancehall Space' having presented a discussion around four areas of Dancehall music at the University of Winneba, Ghana.

Lady Banton has appeared at Strawberries and Creem, The Bournemouth Weekender, Reggae Land and most recently appeared at Soho House, Sham aI Sheikh in Egypt. 

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